TD Bank Ballpark (Main Street, Bridgewater NJ)

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Designed by the renowned architectural firm of Clark, Caton, Hintz, this 6,200-seat ballpark is home to the Somerset Patriots, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Atlantic Division. Working closely with officials from Somerset County, as well as the team’s owner (one of the most prominent businessmen in New Jersey), this facility was developed in conjunction with and in close coordination with the development of the Bridgewater Promenade Shopping Center. Many hurdles had to be overcome to address traffic issues related to the ballpark and shopping center, including but not limited to reconstructing Main Street. Furthermore, construction schedules needed to be coordinated to ensure that the ballpark would open-up in time for the beginning of the season and within budget. This facility is also home to many concerts and special events and it touted as being the most successful minor league venue in the nation.