• Krame Development Company, Inc. is a diversified, full-service Real Estate Organization headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey.

    At the heart of Krame Development Company, is its founder and President, William Krame. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a dual degree in Marketing and International Business in 1982, Mr. Krame shunned offers from several fortune 100 companies. Instead, he sought employment with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Services, which at the time, was the largest commercial real estate firm in the country.

    Spending his first year directly under the tutelage of one the company’s top producer in the United States, Mr. Krame burnished a reputation as having an uncanny ability to identify underutilized properties in prime locations. After several years at Coldwell Banker, Mr. Krame was recruited as Director of Acquisitions by the largest owner/developer of commercial properties in Northern, New Jersey at that time. It would not have been uncommon for Mr. Krame to be analyzing and negotiating dozens of deals simultaneously.

    Integrity, innovation, hard work and professionalism. These are the qualities that have guided Mr. Krame’s approach to the Real Estate business during the past 33 years and serve as the foundation on which the Krame Development Company is built upon today. While seemingly obvious, this basic philosophy is rarely practiced in today’s business community. It is adherence to these fundamental principles, as well as an uncompromising commitment to upstanding moral behavior, that distinguishes Krame Development Company from its peers.

    At Krame Development Company, all aspects of the approval, development, construction and leasing process are overseen by Mr. Krame personally; thereby, ensuring an efficient use of time and money. Delegation of authority to a mid-level manager is not a well-established trait within the organization. The stakes are too high, the risk of failure too great and the consequences too severe should mistakes be made. Our money and reputation are invested in every deal. Maintaining, preserving, and enhancing both is very important to us!


    William Krame

  • To remain focused and ensure that each and every project achieves its greatest potential, we will not undertake more than two or three projects at a time. At Krame Development Company, we have never had a desire to build a large organization nor to become a household name as a result of the volume of deals consummated. Throughout his 33 year career in the real estate industry, Mr. Krame has had many opportunities to significantly grow the business and change the business model; however, we prefer to “fly under the radar” and focus on the details, ensuring quality over quantity. It’s not about being the biggest, it’s about being the best!

    The overwhelming majority of projects undertaken by Krame Development Company are developed for its own account; however, on occasion we have been brought-in as a joint venture partner or acted on behalf of others to oversee and/or complete a project. Our ability to be creative and flexible in structuring deals, as well as our expertise in site selection, has enabled us to develop well located, high quality projects that range in size from a single, free-standing restaurant on 2 acres, to a 700,000+/- square foot mixed use sports, retail and entertainment complex on approximately 175 acres.

    Throughout his career, Mr. Krame has analyzed thousands of deals, consummated hundreds of transactions and has been directly involved with the development of dozens of properties encompassing more than five million square feet of commercial space.


    William Krame